Canvas and Fine Art

Canvas printing is a very popular and rewarding way to display, and reproduce works of Fine Art & Photographic works,   as well as personal captured moments with your family or any other image that is special to you or a loved one. Canvas printed at home or in a commercial operations will benefit from a top quality Liquid Laminate to enhance as well as extend its life. Our Canvas protective coatings first and foremost, protect canvas from the effects of moisture, pollution, water, and UV fade, which would otherwise degrade and affect the longevity of a canvas Print. Another very important feature of our coatings is to prevent the cracking of the ink on the textured weave of canvas when stretched onto a frame.  Protecting your valued print on canvas is therefore essential.with the Landor Canvas Protective coatings, available in Gloss, satin and Matt.  The Landor Canvas Liquid Laminates are designed to penetrate fully, every portion of the canvas weaves, and textures and coats to protect the inks and the canvas evenly. Protecting the Canvase from yellowing is as important as protecting the ink from fading,  and enables the build up of dirt, grime, or dust also to be wiped away without any degradation or effect to the ink and the canvas.

Choose Landor Canvas Coatings – hand roller is the right solution for you. However you can if desired also use a brush or spray equipment. Otherwise for a quick, easy Clearjet Fine Art (FA)  Aerosol is also available in a ‘ready to use’  no clean up spray can.

Landor Canvas coatings can be applied with a high density foam roller, Brush, spray gun or for larger jobs the Landor Canvas Coater liquid laminator. Protecting your cherished prints and increasing the life of your canvas prints from the effects that can reduce their life span is really quite easy and very rewarding. Landor Canvas coatings provides added flexibility as well as protection when stretching canvas with the guarantee and assurance that the Canvas will not Crack when Stretched on a frame.
Landor Canvas Coatings are all formulated, tested and guaranteed to work on micro porous and porous ink jet receptive layers. Landor Canvas coatings reduce or eliminates pinholes normally encountered when applying Liquid Laminates to water resistant ink jet coated canvas. Landor Canvas Coatings are  formulated for water resistant canvas only and is best used with pigmented inks and water resistant canvas. (If you are using either water sensitive, non water sensitive canvas, or similarly dye based inks you must use our clearjet AFA coatings. Landor Canvas Coatings are available in Gloss, Satin, or matt.

ClearJet Fine Art (FA) is our solvent coating which is available either as a roll on, brush, or spray version. It is also available in a  ready to spray aerosol can, especially easy for using at home, or for smaller jobs and which involves a lot  less handling and less mess than with hand rollers (no clean up). Clearjet Fine Art FA is available  in Gloss, Semi-gloss and Low-gloss (Low-Gloss =Matt).

Landor water based and solvent based canvas liquid laminate coatings have been specially developed to prevent canvas from cracking, so it is is as flexible as your substrate when stretched over a frame.

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