ClearJet Inkjet Spray – Fixative & Protective Clear Laminate

ClearJet® Inkjet Spray by LandorUK  is an easy to use inkjet print Spray fixative, and  UV  resistant Laminate coating.  Increase UV Fade Resistance, Water resistance, and enhance image vibrancy of your inkjet prints by spraying quickly and easily a clear protective coating. Fast drying and easy to apply yourself, Clearjet is the preferred choice by professional Artists, photographers, designers, home, craft and hobbyist users alike.

ClearJet®  Liquid laminate Protective spray is compatible with virtually all print or decorative substrates, including canvas, vinyl (enamel receptive and non-enamel receptive), banners, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic, and paper. ClearJet® is optimised for standard inks (water-based),  as well as all other ink types such as Solvent, UV, Latex, and even Dye Sublimation prints.

When protecting of Fine Art Inkjet prints on Fine Art Canvas or Fine Art Papers use ClearJet® FA (Fine Art version), for the very best in protection and assured longevity of your prints. Clearjet penetrates the surface of canvas, guaranteed to ensure the ink/media combination is more flexible, water resistant and archival.

Protect Your treasured prints against cracking, also when stretching canvas is another important and essential feature of Clearjet FA.

Further information is available by requesting your free copy of the Landor Liquid Lamination Handbook.

Key Benefits Summary:-

  • ‘No Clean-Up’, fast, clear and bubble free Aerosol Spray Cans when ease of use is a priority
  • For larger coverage areas and economy choose from Type BR Brush & Roll Formula, Type S Ready-to-Spray Formula
    and Type LL For Liquid Laminating Equipment (Custom Manufacture Only)
  • Use Instead of Film Laminates to reduce waste
  • Contains State-of-the-Art UV Inhibitors for Extended fade resistance
  • Highly-Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Will Not Yellow
  • Protects all Desktop and wide format industrial sized inkjet printed prints
  • Excellent and essential for inkjet printed Water-Sensitive Inks.
  • Quick & easy solution for Vehicle and Fleet Graphics. -Livery and vehicle wraps
  • Choose the Gloss level you want when protecting your inkjet prints. ClearJet®  is available in Gloss and Semi-Gloss, whilst ClearJet® FA is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Low Gloss (matt)

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